I’m a proud dad of twins,
designer and teacher


I have been working on webdesign since 2001.
Actually I am the Customer Experience Lead for HP WallArt Suite at Hewlett Packard. 
I also work as independent UX consultant, helping companies create improved products and services and as a University Lecturer at Elisava School of Design in Barcelona. 

I  started my career on design as self-taugh, painting and designing posters and signage.
Few years after I started studying Liberal Arts at Universidad del País Vasco (UPV) and finallly studied a Bachelor of Arts in Design from Southampton University, Winchester School of Arts. 

I firmly believe that
Everything is connected


Postgraduate in web project management and design (2011 – Actually)
User experience Lecturer
Degree in Design (2012 – Actualmente)
User experience and Interaction Design Lecturer

Postgraduate in digital and interactive design: Web and internet 2.0 (2014-2015)
User Experience and Visual Design lecturer

EAE Business School
Master in Marketing Online and e-commerce (2014)
User Experience Master Class


Designing Effective Collaboration Environments (2014) 

Humans like to collaborate and help each other. We do collaborate everyday with our friends, family and coworkers. That’s how we arrived to the place we are right now, but we need to go one step further and adapt to new and changing environments. We need to understand what is collaboration and what does it mean on a digital world and business. 

Collaboration is the action of working with someone else to produce or create something. It happens for some reason, and needs to have a common objective. Nowadays we can use different tools to collaborate, but it requires an environment that provides the right organization with the right tempo, hierarchy and deepness to achieve an objective that lets you focus on your own work.

Using an email or sharing docs though a platform or service is not collaboration anymore, it’s just communicating or doing something with someone else. We need to think about multidirectional environments, enough flexible but strong in the same time.

Understanding all those questions we’ll be able to design and provide a proper interface to create successful tools that helps people, companies and organizations arrive to their objectives and business goals, encouraging them to collaborate on a digital environment and creating new relationships. Check it at WebVisions 


The problem of online privacy  (2014)

What happens with our privacy on the net? Are we really losing it? Do we prefer comfort to intimity? Is this a real problem?
¿Como y de que manera nos afecta la perdida de privacidad en la red? ¿Es para tanto? ¿Preferimos comodidad a intimidad? ¿Es realmente un problema?  

Check it at Lanyrd

Personal Project

Stop Looking

StopLooking.net is a side-project born during 2013. The main idea was to create some stickers to cover the laptop webcam in order to get some privacy after knowing about various cases of privacy abuse through webcams.

After designing the stickers I searched for a special material to print them. Finally I created the ecommerce to sell them and in february 2014 Stoplooking.net was alive.

Check the project at StopLooking.net



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