I met Michael Benninga, Planzone CEO, late 2012 at Cafe Emma in Barcelona. It was a good meeting. We decided to work together.


Understanding online collaboration business

Planzone is a Paris-based online collaboration software company with more than 8 years experience in the online B2B collaboration field. 
Their business is online collaboration, and this is a complex thing. You can bring it into different levels, and inside Planzone you can reach all of them.
Understanding the complex tool was the first step, so I started traveling regularly to Paris to go deep into the online collaboration business.

Copyright photos: Claire Cornic, photos prises au siège de Planzone à Gentilly
(Top-left & bottom-right). Planzone Team photo by Planzone.com

Full UX service

Planzone customers were not using the application (27% usage…). Therefore my objective was to fully redesign the application. Users should enjoy using it. 

The first step was to highlight the importance of UX to the whole R&D team. Usability, information architecture and interaction design where key pillars on the project to create a meaningful service design.


Work ProcessWork Process

“ We worked hand in hand long time to create a brand new user experience ”


Understanding the problem to define the Strategy 

The web-app created in 2008, had not evolved since then on its structure and design, and it needed a big update. 

I started researching focused on business and users needs. I needed to understand the online collaboration business and its many different scenarios to create the right environment.

Customer visits, market and competitors analysis and user research where key during this first step.


Information architecture

Organizing content and user flows to make a complex interface simple to understand.

One of the biggest problems of the webApp was the lack of organization, making the navigation complex and difficult to understand. 

Creating a simple but flexible flow to allow users to move freely across projects was a key-step to success.


Sketching & Prototyping

Due to the large amount of information used by customers, features like filters and sorting options where key to allow users quick & easy access to the right information.

One of the biggest goals was to convert the deep, non flexible & complex tools into a simple and useful application full of nice & useful features.



Interface Design

Interface simplicity, information visualization through graphics and highlighting the important things were one of the biggest challenges on interface design.

Going deep into detail I put special attention designing task creation and management, being part of the strategy with a strong accent on work and document sharing. Gant chart as part of the time management features and discussions as a collaboration needed to handle with care to be easily accessible from almost everywhere.



Mobile App

As a part of the User Xperience strategy the mobile App was designed to bring Planzone to every place users are working. 

It was conceived not only to access to information but to avoid the tremendous amount of emails users and systems generate. 

Of course one of the objectives was to displaying notifications directly to users on the move to take care of immediate things, but it also important to consider that a notification is one email less you have to take care when you arrive to the office.


If you want to know more about this project do not hesitate to drop me some lines.